Donut Horns

June 7, 2012


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New York, NY

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From the Author:

In this micro-game, each player gets a snazzy 3D unicorn horn tracked to their forehead. And if that's not awesome enough, donuts start falling from the sky! Invite your friends and spear the delicious pastries – first to spear five donuts wins!

Post from Google+

Greetings! Our hack-ish hack for the #hangoutshackathon  is here! Now presenting Donut Horns!!

We're still experiencing some side effects from a 2 week long sugar-high induced code storm and while we are still fine-tuning some stuff under the hood, you should be able to try it out.

Its been loads of fun and we've learned a lot, especially that if you have both scalable and non-scalable face overlays in your video at the same time then your horn might detach from your head! That and...size does not matter! It's all about perseverance!

Game on!


From Angela Fung on June 06, 2012

The tune is completely addictive and stuck in my head!

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