About This Site

Being able to get the whole gang together, no matter where everyone may be, is a pretty magical thing.

That’s why when we introduced Hangouts on Google+, we were excited to see what the world would do with it.

The results have been great: everything from live roundtables to cooking shows. And of course, a lot of moms and dads introducing their families to a lot of new babies.

Now, we’ve opened up the Google+ Hangouts API that made all these moments possible, and we’re thrilled to see what the world will come up with.

To get the ball rolling, we commissioned a few of our developer friends who do this stuff for a living. And because they’re wizards when it comes to code, we asked them to post about their experiences with the Hangouts API on Google+, so that anyone with a passing interest in programming can see how these kinds of internet contraptions actually get made.

We weren’t sure where these Hangout experiments would lead, but we trusted that the developers would come back with something interesting (and did they ever). Now it’s your turn to have fun, whether by playing with the Hangout experiments or by pushing them forward with a coding project of your own.

So, just like always, check your hair, check your mic, and get ready for some fun and exciting new ways to hang out.